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Cargo Container Security and Tracking in Container Security Initiative CSI, as demanded by Department of Homeland Security (DHS), World Shipping Council (WSC), the Total End-to-End Real Time Global concept created by CargoTrax Singapore, supports Container Security Initiative and,  Targets and continuously screens Cargo with unique Real Time CargoAssetTrax® Solution.

CargoTraxSingapore demonstrates Global Real Time Asset visibility delivered by CargoAssetTrax® on-board Security Solution. Visit website

Remote Monitoring of Bunker Fuel Real Time, giving environmental and weather conditions affecting fuel usage. Investment recovery (RoI) during one year.

Accurate Stand-Alone Sensors within Reefer Containers Delivers Superior Accuracy on Temperature within Reefer Containers for better protection of Sensitive Cargo.
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Comprehensive 24×7 Duplex Communications Connectivity from Ship-to-Shore Container Cargo Assets Monitoring within Steel Containers above and below Deck.
Description CargoAssetTrax Tracks Assets inside Containers, Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics Total Visibility, 24×7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication
Fixed One Price International Global Roaming SIM Cards Gives Cost Control on Telecommunications International Roaming Costs. Fixed Price SIM Cards. No hidden extras.
Fuel Consumption Monitoring Technology Turn Key Installation on Ships with RoI within 12 months. Prevents Pilferage, Monitors Usage. Real Time monitoring of weather and environmental conditions directly to ground administrative management.
Payment Accepted Cash
Wanted: Partners, Distributors, Investors Rapid Development demands Franchise Partners, Country Distributors, Venture Capital Funds and Investors.

Supply Chain Security & Logistics Solutions with 24×7 Communications Infrastructure on Ships, Ports, Container Farms, Warehouse-to-Warehouse

Ship Owners Operators – Control your fuel costs. Deploy Real Time Live Tracking Fuel Monitoring Solution info by CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd.

Fuel Monitoring -Consumption Measurement System for Ships.Total Infrastructure package custom built. Rapid recovery. ROI through savings.

Global Telematics transport need Fixed Price CONTROLLED International Global Roaming SIM Cards from CargoTraxSingapore.

Supply Chain Security Intermodal Cargo Containers Real Time Duplex Wireless Communications with Assets inside Anywhere Anytime Global.

CargoTrax Singapore Technology penetrate Wireless signals from inside Steel Containers. CargoAssetTrax® – Tracks Assets inside Containers.

Fixed (One) Price Global International Roaming SIM Card – For Multi-national Telematics Fleet Management, Cross-border container transport.

The Silent Bomb – Will Travel by Cargo Container

The Silent Bomb which may elude all known advanced defence systems, which may cripple multiple geographical points, simultaneously, and escape detection or arrest of the terrorist perpetrators, is defined by global antiterrorist specialists, as the harmless Cargo Container.

Over eighty (80) percent of all consumable and non-consumable, durable cargo across the world amounting to and in excess of three hundred (300) million containers are transported by Cargo Containers. Only or less than five (5) percent of this traffic is scrutinised or checked by security experts.

Cargo Containers moving freely within the European Union or USA are hardly subjected to security control and are allowed to move freely.

Nuclear Dust, Poisonous substances or a minute quantity of highly toxic substances such as Polonium 210 inserted into containers bound for European Union countries or USA or Japan, from exporting countries such as Philippines, Australia, Pakistan, Korea or Japan could create havoc, when the Cargo Containers are opened by the recipients, and the cargo is distributed, upon delivery.

Contact with Polonium 210, as demonstrated in the Russian ex KGB Spy in London, subjected to an agonizing death within four weeks, if and when subjected to contamination within a food product Cargo Container, may affect hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Similar tragic events may be caused by inserting Nuclear Dust into a container by drilling a small hole on the side of a Cargo Container.

The perpetrators, by the time the disaster is realised after one month, have long disappeared, with absolutely no collateral damage to themselves.

When the recipient country or countries, upon investigation realise the country of origin, such as a major exporter in the Asian region, and subject the country exports into an indefinite embargo, the resulting effect may be that the entire export industry may come to a halt.

This may create a severe financial crisis, unemployment, leading to civil disturbances in the exporting country.

By one fell swop, the terrorists can cause destruction both to importer and the exporter.

The governments in USA, EU, Japan and the major meat exporting countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil have been searching for a solution to prevent such a global disaster.

After the tragic events of 9/11, 2001 in New York, CargoTrax Ltd of Finland, a small unknown private enterprise commenced research into developing an End-to-End, 24×7, Anytime-Anywhere, Global preventive security solution, in co-operation with TriaGnoSys GmbH of Wessling Munich, a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center.

In 2007, during Pilot Trials held between Singapore-Thailand-China-Hong Kong conducted by CargoTrax Ltd, supervised by a major industrial conglomerate in Singapore, acknowledged that the CargoTrax solution performed both On Sea as well as On Land, using GSM-GPRS-GPS over satellite, even On Sea where GSM coverage is unavailable.

The solution includes-; Active Intelligent RFID Door Seal, when deployed, shall inform multiple control points on Land and On Sea,. if and when the Door or the Door Sea is tampered with, or compromised, within seconds. The Sensors within the Cargo Container shall monitor-; Temperature, O2, CO2, Vibration, Acceleration, Humidity, Radiation, Light etc and may be controlled Over-Air by GSM technology.

CargoTrax Ltd is now ready to commercialise the concept globally. Major end-users have expressed their desire to deploy the solution to safeguard the consumers. Whilst the major governments are still thinking on ways and means of how to prevent a Silent Bomb, a disaster of such a magnitude, which might make the 9/11 2001, to look like a minor incident, CargoTrax Ltd has decided to Appeal to the Global Public, the Consumers or Business Angels directly to support the Secured by CargoTrax solution in the interests of humanity.

CargoTrax Singapore Private Ltd, a Limited Liability company is now incorporated in Singapore, subjected to the tough, stringent, Company Laws of Singapore, has a solution which may prevent such hazards.

Vol. 3, Friday, 23 October 2009
Bulletin: Insufficient preparations for a bioterror catastrophe

The brief
To grasp the threat of bioterrorism — and in recent years, the United States has received strategic warnings of biological weapons use from dozens of government reports and expert panels — you may want to consider this: one recent study from the intelligence community projected that a one- to two-kilogram release of anthrax spores from a crop duster plane could kill more Americans than died in the Second World War. Clean-up and other economic costs could exceed $1.8 trillion. Let us repeat: We are talking about one- to two-kilograms of anthrax pores.

It is thus puzzling – and disturbing – that the U.S. level of preparedness for dealing with the threat of bioterrorism remains far lower than that of the nuclear threat. It is time to change this imbalance.

Central to any U.S. biosecurity strategy is the recognition that biological weapons are distinct from nuclear weapons and require a unique approach:
On the bad side: Unlike nuclear weapons, which require highly advanced technology, massive infrastructure, and rare materials that can be closely monitored and secured, biological weapons materials occur naturally, require no significant infrastructure to produce, and can be found in nearly every part of the world. What is more, as technology advances, the ability to prevent biological attacks diminishes.

On the “good” side: With nuclear weapons, once a bomb goes off, there is little that can be done to mitigate the consequences. There is, however, an opportunity to decrease the impact of a biological weapons attack by improving the U.S. capabilities for rapid recognition, response, and recovery.
These capabilities, unfortunately, have not been adequately embraced in a national bioweapons prevention strategy. Most egregiously, two programs set up to develop and purchase medicines to prevent and respond to biological, radiological, or nuclear attacks have been inadequately funded, and have also had to weather attempts to raid their funding. One is the Department of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), which leads an integrated, systematic approach to the development and purchase of the necessary vaccines, drugs, therapies, and diagnostic tools for public health medical emergencies. The other is Project BioShield, which funds medical countermeasures against biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear agents.

The outgoing Bush administration requested $969 million in additional funding for BARDA. That funding could and should have been included in the stimulus package but was not. Not only was it not, but the Obama administration, inexplicably, request only was only $305 million for BARDA in FY 2010. The commission says this is insufficient by a factor of 10.

The paltry sum the Obama administration requested for biodefense is especially disturbing since funding allocations for clinical development of biodefense medical countermeasures (MCMs) have direct impacts on the probability of successfully satisfying all of these requirements. The Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center recently estimated that $3.39 billion per year in medical countermeasure development support would be required to achieve a 90 percent probability of developing an FDA-licensed countermeasure for each of those requirements. The cost estimates of developing these pharmaceuticals were based on in-depth surveys of historical vaccine and drug development data, and reflect the high failure rate of biopharmaceutical development.

It now falls to the U.S. government to fund the development of medical countermeasures based upon the level of risk that is deemed tolerable. The commission says that an amount of $1.7 billion per year would meet roughly half the estimated need to provide a significant and necessary down-payment on the U.S. preparedness. “Given the threat, $1.7 billion per year for prevention and consequence management is a reasonable and comparatively sound investment, the commission argues.

Fuel Monitoring Platform – Real Time.
One of the main losses in cargo container shipping which may be prevented is the loss of bunker fuel due to lack of Real  Time visibility of fuel consumption. Bad weather, related atmospheric conditions and evaporation due to theft and pilferage, costs ship owners millions of dollars per week.

CargoTrax Singapore has developed a comprehensive Fuel Monitoring platform, which delivers a bank of information on fuel consumption status, dependent on weather and environmental changes, on Real Time, Wireless CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept directly to ship management control on land, via GPRS and Satellite.

In most cases, the RoI of this investment is expected during 6-12 months from installation.

Wireless Duplex Telecom with Container Assets Above/Below Deck.
Furthermore, the latest technology of CargoTrax Singapore, CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept is able to penetrate Wireless Telecommunication data from within a steel cargo container, even when located below deck and establish a Duplex communications network with Ship’s Bridge and Ground Control.

The shippers of Sensitive, HazMat, High Value cargo may have total 24×7 visibility and management control of their assets.

Single Charge Global International Roaming SIM Card.
Intermodal Container traffic utilizing Roaming SIM Cards may incur heavy roaming charges when travelling between several cross boundary routes.

CargoTrax Singapore now offers a Fixed Price, Single Rate, Global International Roaming SIM Card at competitive rates facilitating cost control.

Stand-Alone Reliable Wireless Status Monitoring Alternative of Assets within Reefer containers.
As an independent stand-alone technology, CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide may be a viable parallel independent alternative especially for Reefer containers, to provide the accuracy and reliability of the Wireless Technology against the current information conducted over power-line transmissions.  It is a known fact that the mechanical functional fluctuations and failures of the power-line tend to cause disruptions, which affect the quality of the assets within Reefers.

About CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd (CTS)

CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd (CTS) offers a comprehensive operational Global tumkey security monitoring solution in Container and Asset Security, to satisfy demands of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs & Border Protection (CBP) of the United States of America as well as several industry specific demands.

The IP 67 standard hardware solutions consist of the a MESH Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) with optional integration of GSM-GPRS-GPS-RFID, Satellite and multiple sensors, capable of delivering a seamless communications stream from inside a steel container, then transmit out, create a Wireless Network below-deck and on-deck, transmit further on to the Server-on-the-Bridge.

The data packets collected are transmitted via satellite to multiple monitoring service stations operational on-ground via Internet, GPRS and SMS, delivering a near Real Time end-to-end solution.

CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept shall offer a fully integrated IP 67 hardware solution complete with back-office software platform on a full service rental.

CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept may be equally deployed on both Reefer and Dry Containers to deliver an independent stand-alone reliable wireless communications as an alternative to potential alleged inaccuracies in mechanical power-line communications.

Further information:
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Fuel Monitoring -Consumption Measurement System for Ships
+ Real Time Visibility and Control
+ Remote Wireless Management Access
+ Interface to Integrated Navigation System
+ Management Information on environmental changes affecting fuel consumption
+ Total Infrastructure package custom built
+ Rapid recovery. ROI through savings
CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #35-11
International Plaza
Singapore 079903
GSM: +65 9025 2345
Fuel Monitoring and
Reporting System for Ships
Copyrights©CargoTrax Singapore
Specifications are subject to changes due to rapid development of sensor
and communication technology.

Wanted Country Distributor for Fleet Management Telematics Automatic Vehicle Logistics. European Hardware & Back Office Support Software. Contact-;

CargoAssetTrax® - Tracks Assets inside ContainersTwitter promotes CargoTraxSingapore

CargoAssetTrax® – Tracks Assets inside Containers,
Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics

Total Visibility,24×7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication with Container Assets Below Deck. Container Cargo.

Fixed (One) Price Global International Roaming SIM Card – For Multi-national Telematics Fleet Management, Cross-border container transport.

Can Loss of Bunker Fuel through theft and pilferage costing millions of dollars to ship owners be prevented? Interested? Talk to us now!

Control Your Telecommunications Costs.

Multi-national Telematics Fleet Management, Cross-border container transport, can now have Fixed Price Global International Roaming SIM Card, from Euro 15.00/month to include 5MB GPRS traffic.

SMS and Voice available at additional cost.

Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics
Total Visibility,24×7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication with Container Assets Below Deck.

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