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Supply Chain Security & Logistics Solutions with Communications

Posted on: 24/10/2009

Supply Chain Security & Logistics Solutions with 24×7 Communications Infrastructure on Ships, Ports, Container Farms, Warehouse-to-Warehouse

Ship Owners Operators – Control your fuel costs. Deploy Real Time Live Tracking Fuel Monitoring Solution info by CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd.

Fuel Monitoring -Consumption Measurement System for Ships.Total Infrastructure package custom built. Rapid recovery. ROI through savings.

Global Telematics transport need Fixed Price CONTROLLED International Global Roaming SIM Cards from CargoTraxSingapore.

Supply Chain Security Intermodal Cargo Containers Real Time Duplex Wireless Communications with Assets inside Anywhere Anytime Global.

CargoTrax Singapore Technology penetrate Wireless signals from inside Steel Containers. CargoAssetTrax® – Tracks Assets inside Containers.

Fixed (One) Price Global International Roaming SIM Card – For Multi-national Telematics Fleet Management, Cross-border container transport.


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