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Cargo Containers of explosive PETN as used by Nigerian airline Xmas day bombing attempt, damaged; NC port shut down.

AFP Global Edition  Jan 12, 2010 13:40 EST

A major US port was shut down Tuesday after nine containers of “highly explosive material” were accidentally punctured, officials said, urging that part of the city be evacuated.

The chemical involved was pentaerythritol tetranitrate, known as PETN, is “highly explosive”, was part of a device a Nigerian man used to try to bring down a Detroit-bound Northwest flight on Christmas Day. It is often used in military explosives and found inside blasting caps. It is also the primary ingredient in detonating cords used for industrial explosions.

“We have found highly explosive material in nine containers at Morehead City Port,” Amy Thompson, a police official at the city’s port division, told AFP earlier.

“The material was found in an accidental puncture. When they punctured it they realized that it was explosive material.”

US officials have charged a young Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, with trying to use PETN as a weapon of mass destruction onboard Flight 253 from Amsterdam on Christmas Day.

The explosives failed to detonate correctly but caused an onboard fire as the plane approached Detroit, burning Abdulmutallab. He has pleaded not guilty to six charges arising out of the incident.

Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber,” also tried to detonate a PETN device on an American Airlines jet to Miami in 2001. And in 2009 a man tried to assassinate a member of the Saudi royal family by hiding a PETN-based bomb inside his body.

A company called Maxam UEB shipped the PETN, said Karen Fox, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina State Ports Authority, but she did not know where in the U.S. it was headed.

Source: AFP Global Edition


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Obama says airline bomb attempt an intelligence “screw-up”.

Millions of cargo containers enter USA without checks!

Will American & EU Intelligence intercept Cargo Container loaded with destructive objects before it strikes.

Ashdod Spared Mega-Terror Attack

This Palestinian terror attack was different, marking more than one deadly departure. For the first time in the 42 months of their terrorist offensive against Israel, Palestinian bombers overcame the fence enclosing Gaza Strip and emerged for an assault that was meant to be more than a bloodbath; they were to cripple a strategic Israeli target 55 kilometers away, the important, busy Ashdod seaport on the Mediterranean through which most of its container traffic passes.

But the two teenagers assigned jointly by Arafat’s Fatah-al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas missed their main objective, the port’s dangerous toxic materials stores. Ashdod was consequently only just spared Israel’s first mega-terror chemical attack.

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Global concern over Al Qaeda might target Food Containers may highlight the USA & EU inefficiency on security management, to utilize the multi-million Container market to cause significant direct and co-lateral damage.

Bunker Fuel Pilferage: A Global Concern. Preventive solution from CargoTrax Singapore

Is short delivery of bunkers common?
22nd December 2009 04:15 GMT
“Short delivery is the industry term for the lifting of a lesser amount of bunkers than what has been agreed, or what the buyer – in most cases, ship operators and owners – will pay for.” –
CargoTraxSingapore offers a Bunker Fuel Consumption Live Monitoring fully integrated concept, using GSM-GPRS-GPS-MESH-Iridium Real Time wireless solution.
This concept may be integrated with Container Asset Security Monitoring, giving 24×7 Visibility to enhance management control.
One of the major ship owner in Indonesia expressed their serious concern on losses of Bunker Fuel pilferage from their ships, estimated losses between 3-5%.
On a fleet of 30 vessels, this may amount to multi-million dollars in loss of profit. Where as the CargoTrax Singapore solution may cost well under Euro 50,000-; which could be recovered (RoI) during 6-8 months.
Another important factor is that the CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd Bunker Fuel Monitoring Technology may be integrated with Container Asset Monitoring at a nominal cost.
Even prior to recovery of investment on infrastructure, the Container Asset Monitoring delivers an operational profit. CargoAssetTrax® gives 24×7 Real Time, End-to-End, Warehouse through On Land-On Sea-On Land into Warehouse asset tracking facility Visibility. Continuous comprehensive Visibility enhances management control and facilitates increased profit.
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