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AVL – LBS Vehicle Asset Tracking Telematics Costs Slashed

CargoTraxSingapore Pte Ltd due to recent major success in sales in Asia-Pacific, is able to utilize the economies of scale to slash the prices of a Hardware-Software package on Vehicle Asset Tracking and Fleet Management.

The GSM-GPRS-GPS Black Box supported by Back Office Internet based Asset Monitoring Software Package combination is offered at an affordable Euro 0.50 cents/day on a 24 month pre-paid Agreement, a total cost of Euro 365.00.

This offer is valid until 31.03.2010 for the first 5000 units.

The Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Telematics, which may be used to monitor Location Based Services (LBS) of heavy equipment, motor vehicles, tractors, lifting gear, other expensive assets, have proven their Return-on-Investment within 6-8 months or less.

Continuous 24×7 visibility has assisted the owners of such valuable assets to monitor usage, performance and security, to maximize revenues, over wireless SMS and Internet.

Furthermore, the core business of CargoTrax Singapore, which is Bunker Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Bunker Fuel Delivery Barges Receiving & Discharge Monitoring, and the Container Asset Security Monitoring may benefit by the successful blanket penetration of the Land Segment.

Further details are available from-;

CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #35-11,
International Plaza,
Singapore 079903
GSM-: +65 9025 2345  (Singapore)

P.O.Box 16
FIN-01660 Vantaa, FINLAND
GSM-: +358 40 770 1234
GSM-: +358 40 770 2345

SKYPE: CargoTraxSingapore
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AVL - LBS Vehicle Asset Tracking Telematics Costs Slashed


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