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Elisa Oy Finland Vodafone Partner Dictatorial Blackmail

Internet & Mobile clients are warned to take care that Elisa Oy, one time owned by the Finnish State is still behaving like the USSR KGB or German SS in their invoice collection service.

Even when their Server is down for several months, and forcing 100MB Email Boxes whether the client needs or not, the invoices are sent.

Complaints regarding their attitude to Client Service takes hours to get through and discarded in a most unpleasant Dictatorial manner. Civilised polite conversation with a Customer Service attitude did never exist in Elisa, and doenot exist now!

Even after complaints are made, the invoices are still being sent and then sent for collection by official Bailiffs Instrum Justitia, who will then Blacklist your name as a bad credit risk.

This is Blackmail, old Soviet Style from an old Finnish State owned company which has not realized that in civilized Democratic world such behaviour is looked down with disdain.


WANTED-Hotel Helsinki Finland: Potential Chinese-Scandinavian Joint Venture.

New Business Model to base & launch New European Franchising Concept.

Region: Helsinki-Vantaa-Espoo. 30 km from Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

Hotel Lease Finland 70-110 room.


Licenced Restaurant: 50-70 seats.

Lease: 5-7yr.

Current Management retained for further Market & Business Development.

Contact: Stephen Lowe – Mob: +358 40 770 1234


Hotel Lease Helsinki region Finland WANTED. Three Star rating. Full licence Restaurant for 50-70 seats.

Hotel with 70-110 rooms, 30 km from Vantaa Airport Helsinki-Vantaa-Espoo WANTED. Minimum lease 5-7 years.

May retain existing operational management. Joint Venture possible.
Submit details with three years Audited Accounts.


GSM-: +358 40 770 1234

SKYPE: CargoTraxSingapore

Chinese Investor Seeks Investment Opportunities in Hotel Industry in Finland.

Current operational Hotel with 70-110 rooms, within 30 km of Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

Preferred category Three (3) Star.

Will retain current operational management and marketing relationships.

Require minimum Three Year Audited accounts. Website with illustrations.

Please submit full details to-;
Stephen Lowe
Mob: +358 40 770 1234
SKYPE: cargotraxsingapore

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