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CargoTrax Singapore partners with Sesca Group Finland to drive Asia-Pacific markets with AsiaTracks.

The end-to-end Real Time Container Security Monitoring and Bunker Fuel Logistics concept innovator, CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd, with a mandate from Sesca Group Finland for Asia-Pacific markets, has entered into a five-year exclusive Agreement with AsiaTracks Pte Ltd of Singapore. The initial Agreement to purchase twelve thousand (12,000) Telematics AVL GSM-GPRS-GPS hardware terminals from CargoTrax Singapore will be supported by Sesca Fleetlogis Back Office software monitoring platform, was entered into in Singapore on 3rd February 2010.

“With our recent entry into United Arab Emirates and Kuwait with a comprehensive seamless hardware supported by Fleetlogis software platform, the AVL Fleet Management support for Oil & Gas Logistics sector has given the right-of-entry into the progressive Middle East logistics markets. Sesca now looks forward to the challenge in Asia-Pacific with CargoTraxSingapore”, commented Jukka Kuusinen – Executive Vice President of Sesca Group.

The Agreement was signed at the offices of Motorway Group, Motorway Building 1094 Lower Delta Road Singapore, the holding company of AsiaTracks Pte Ltd, between Carey WEE – Director of AsiaTracks and Stephen LOWE – CEO of CargoTrax Singapore, in the presence of Jukka KUUSINEN- Executive Vice President of Sesca Group.

“AsiaTracks has always taken an aggressive approach in AVL Fleet Management market penetration through high profile globally promoted publicity events, supported by a empathic value for money approach to the end-user. Our service centre at Motorway Group prides itself on the professional approach to customer care”, says Carey Wee – Director of AsiaTracks Pte Ltd.

With the Year-of-the-Tiger, 2010 is expected to kick-start the economies in the Asia-Pacific region, with China making bold strides which will stimulate the Tiger economies of  Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, ANZ, India and Bangladesh.

“CargoTrax Singapore with innovative concepts to deploy Total Real Time visibility in the Logistics, whether it be in Bunker Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Bunker Fuel Barges Receipt & Discharge, and the Container  & Asset Security,  is able to offer an seamless integrated solution in Real Time Tracking & Monitoring on a Global basis”, confirms Stephen Lowe – CEO of CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd.

“Singapore with Socio-Economic and Political stability, with a well educated and disciplined Human Resources infrastructure, centred as a major hub for Logistics in Asia-Pacific, will spearhead our growth in Asia-Pacific as well into the African continent”, says Stephen Lowe.


About CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd (CTS)

CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd (CTS) offers a comprehensive operational Global tumkey security monitoring solution in Container and Asset Security, to satisfy demands of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs & Border Protection (CBP) of the United States of America as well as several industry specific demands.

The IP 67 standard hardware solutions consist of the a MESH Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) with optional integration of GSM-GPRS-GPS-RFID and multiple sensors, capable of a seamless communications stream from inside a steel container, then transmit out, create a Wireless Network below-deck and on-deck, transmit further on to the Server-on-the-Bridge.

CTS innovative Bunker Fuel Barge Input & Discharge monitoring concept offers a Real Time Dual GSM-GPRS-Satellite solution integrating the Location Based Technology  with Environmental factors such as Temperature, Humidity, which may facilitate to lower  Delivery Volume disputes as well as Theft and Pilferage of Bunker Fuel.

CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept offers fully integrated IP 67 hardware solution complete with back-office software platform on a full service rental.

CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept may be equally deployed on both Reefer and Dry Containers to deliver a stand-alone reliable wireless communications as an alternative to potential inaccuracies in mechanical power-line communications.

CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd is the Solutions Partner of Sesca Fleetlogis for Asia-Pacific Region.

Further information:
SKYPE:        CargoTraxSingapore

Who is AsiaTracks?
Asia Tracks offers easy to use, hassle free adoption of real-time track and trace services on an affordable subscription basis.  With the Head Office in Singapore, Asia Tracks is able to cover the entire World using a combination of network technologies from GSM, GPRS, CDMA, iDen, Satlink WiFi, WiMax or Tetra.

Asia Tracks breaks these adoption barriers down by hosting the expensive and complicated backend to provide individuals, small and medium enterprises a comprehensive self managed real time track and trace solution. Asia Tracks now provides its customers the same tools to better manage their cost and operations to compete and grow.

Contact Information
Email :
Phone :       +65-6100 6003 URL:

Sesca Group

Finland-based Sesca Group delivers solutions, services and software for the energy production and process industries. Sesca employs approximately 400 professionals in Finland, Sweden and Czech Republic. Company headquarter is located in Vaasa, Finland.

Sesca Fleetlogis in brief
Sesca’s Fleetlogis logistics system combines the systems of financial administration, order processing and inventory control with the information systems in the vehicles. Through the Fleetlogis system the company is able to transmit transport orders and monitor transportation progress and filling degree in real time. The system records the delivery’s time of dispatch from the factory and the time of discharge at the terminal, and transmits the vehicle’s geographical information through GPS.

It also monitors transportation temperatures and the vehicle’s fuel consumption and hydrocarbon emissions. In addition, the system monitors the driver’s schedules and working hours, and if necessary, gives advice on safe and economical driving. The Fleetlogis system is also available in lighter versions for planning of transport assignments and for GPS tracking of transportations, vehicles and various machinery and equipment.

In Finland, the Fleetlogis system is used among others by Tuko Logistics, SwanLine Oy and Kovanen Logistics Oy, as well as Tuoretie Oy, who uses Fleetlogis for tracing the products of its owners, food-processing companies Atria, Pouttu and Saarioinen, from the factory’s dispatch department all the way to the distribution terminal.

For more information:
Jukka Kuusinen, Executive Vice President,
Sesca Group Oy
Phone:        +358 45 122 3001

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