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When Mirza Golam Sabur, a Bangladeshi engineer (?), now a Singapore PR, questions of Finnish medical ethics, is he trying to apply the Highest Ethics in the world by the same “tar-brush” as in Bangladesh?

Corruption Index International as published by-;
gives a global picture of Corruption, country by country.

Denmark – New Zealand – Singapore rank joint Number 1 with a 9.3 points out of 10.

Finland – Sweden rank joint Number 2 with a 9.2 points out of 10.

Singapore has always maintained the No: 1 slot under the His Excellency MM Lee Kwan Yew leadership and followed into same standards by the successors.

Indonesia ranks at No: 110, whilst Bangladesh ranks at No: 134 alongside Nigeria (Scammer No:1 globally).

Perhaps, Is everything For Sale in Bangladesh? Even a Medical Certificates? Is Corruption so rife in every section of the community? Are even bank executives involved in money laundering?

The cleanest countries in the Corruption Index, such as Singapore, Finland do not engage in such malpractices under any circumstances, thus affording the Highest Credibility on official documentation.

Therefore, in the interests of the High Standard of Ethics in Singapore, the officials might take a closer look at the Bangladeshis who have entered Singapore seeking Permanent Residences and operating semi-official positions in vital industries such as in Shipping and Ports.


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