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US & EU MESH Wireless Sensor Networks Patents available For Sale or Lease
Container unit, MESH network, and system reporting container events
Patent Number 7529561 – offered For Sale as a US & EU Registered Patent

The invention enables a reliable end-to-end monitoring system by means of which the location of containers and other conditions related to the containers can be continuously or almost continuously…
Real Time MESH-GSM-GPRS-GPS-Container unit, MESH network, and system reporting container events. Supply Chain Logistics, Security & Status Monitoring, On Land – On Sea – On Rail. Military, Defence Assets, Explosives, Detonators, Missiles in transit, in storage bunkers, silos.

Prior to US/EU Registration, representative from Nokia Finland, Singapore Technologies Group, a Danish consultancy group valued the Patent Application at no less than Euro 1.8 million, based on potential applications.

Traxer Ltd have concentrated on Trials in Singapore, on a niche market, ie: Military, Defense, Weapons, Dangerous Goods, Explosives, Chemicals, Poisons, Off-shore Oil Exploration, and related Supply Chain Logistics. Pilot Trials were successfully carried out on-board MV Angela, owned by Midwest Shipping Company of Singapore, under the supervision of Logistics Manager George CHIN in 2009-2010.

Midwest Shipping Logistics Pte Ltd is one of the two official carriers of Military Assets of Singapore Government, and represents Haliburton, EADS, Northrop Grumman, BAeSystems, Lockheed-Martin, etc. Midwest also acts as an agent on above trans-shipments of Assets, to Maersk, Cosco, PIL, APL/NOL, and other leading vessel owners.

It is understood that Maersk – APMoeller the Global container shipping industry leader has a complementary solution, already Patented.

Savi Systems owned by Lockheed-Martin has a competitive but a restricted satellite/wireless solution. Multi-million dollar Savi-GE solution is now aborted.
Maersk-Siemens solution also failed due to inflexibility and technical shortfalls in Power Management application.

The main advantage of the Traxer solution is that, Traxer Ltd unique Patent Technology is capable of penetrating steel/metal packaging, placed in a steel container, below deck of a steel/concrete platform, as well as in a container stack above deck or in a container storage/transit farm, using MESH-GPRS-Satellite wireless connectivity to a monitoring facility anywhere globally.

Upon integrating with HERO Certified IP 67/68 Telematics Terminals (of USA origin with DoD approvals), the Patent may be applied to all Military, Defence, Armaments, Ordnance, Explosives, Dangerous Goods, cargo-in-transit or stored-in-Bunkers/Silos to monitor status on Vibration, Humidity, Acceleration, Radiation, Temperature, Heat, Light, Velocity, through stand-alone Wireless Nodes (battery upto 24 months), on near Real Time GSM-GPRS-GPS-MESH-Satellite. The concept may be programmed over-air.

The estimated market potential is based on the deployment of this Patented Technology on 5%-10% of the 150 million containers / year, transporting above Assets. Current escalation of unrest in North Africa/Middle East is a case-in-point to protect such assets from escaping detection and reaching the Terrorist Underworld.

The main point-of-discontent of deploying the Container & Supply Chain Security is the absence of the Ship element within the Rail-Road-Sea-Road end-to-end Chain of Security, due to “who pays” questioned by the ship owners.

This question is directly challenged by Traxer “Cago Asset Trax” Bunker Fuel Delivery and Consumption Monitoring solution offered by Traxer Ltd. The deployment of the solution in Cargo Container Vessels is projected to save between 2-5% of the Bunker Fuel costs which may amount to millions of dollars to Vessel owners and operators, righting-off the cost of the installation during 6-8 months. The direct access to the Bunker Fuel tank in a vessel by the management on Real Time may avoid miss use through Theft, Pilferage and reckless usage of fuel.

The application is to monitor consumption of Bunker Fuel on container vessels, to report to management centres on land, on the actual prevailing sea-going conditions to prevent theft/pilferage/misuse of Bunker Fuel. The concept may save on 2-5% of fuel consumption. Each installation is estimated at US$ 200k+ depending on the vessel. Maersk has already a Bunker Fuel Monitoring concept which they claim to save several hundreds of millions of US$/annum.

A second Application to Monitor refilling and discharge of Bunker Fuel in delivery Barges to monitor theft/pilferage/misuse of Bunker Fuel, to prevent disputes between the Supplier/Client. Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) is one of the most strictly controlled Ports in the world, however during 2009, the discrepancies on loss/theft was valued at over US$ 1.3 million / day, calculated at US$80/barrel.

There are over 300+ Bunker Barges in Singapore. The Ports in ASEAN, Hong Kong, Shanghai, UAE, South Asia are estimated to have over 2000 Barges in operation. Cost/installation is estimated at US$ 100k or leased over 24 months.

Integration of GSM-GPRS-GPS-Satellite-Zigbee-MESH Wireless Sensor Networks solution to Bunker Fuel concept developed by Traxer-CargoTrax may cost a negligible sum, to connect the “missing link” in container security, and “kill two birds with one stone”.

The following brief videos may illustrate the point.
Trains & Boats & Planes – Supply Chain
MESH-WSN Deployment

Many thanks and Kind regards

Stephen Lowe – CEO
CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd
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Singapore 079903

Traxer Ltd
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Traxer Ltd has the following Patents registered in European Union and in the USA-;
MESH Patent Registration Details
EP 1895456 A1

US 7,529561 B2

CargoTrax® have a Patented solution with possibility to combine (eg: Satnav for sure, Satcom) services, may be and is aiming for the implementation of operational services, then ESA would be able to Fund and support companies residing within EU Member States, preferably UK, Germany, Sweden or Finland.

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More details-;
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