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MESH Technology for Container Asset Monitoring – Is this the solution?

Nortel Patents-:

Sell for US$4.5bn value of IP –

Turn to Traxer-CAT®-;

Patents now For Sale-:

MESH US & EU Patent Registration 27.11.2011

US Patent Registration:  –

Container Unit, MESH network, & System Reporting Container Events.

EU Patent Registration Details:  –

Container Unit, Message Switching Equipment, Routing Method, Routing Directory, and System for Monitoring Containers

More details from-;


Introduction to MESH Patent by Traxer® Ltd CargoAssetTrax®

MESH Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Technology with GSM-GPRS-GPS-WiFi-Iridium-HERO-IP68 Global Logistics Security Monitoring.

Transmissions Anywhere-Anytime on Land-Rail-Sea-Air.

We seek VC for CargoAssetTrax® Unique Wireless Telecommunications Concept.
Patented Wireless Telecommunications Penetrate Metal Cargo Containers.
Need US$ 10million  investment for commercialisation.

MESH Patent Registration Details – Google MESH CargoTrax:
EP 1895456 A1
US 7,529561 B2

Video Clips on Information & Communications Technology:


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