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Invest in US-EU Patent in Global Supply Chain Security Logistics.

  • Global Patent on an Electronic Chain-of-Custody process
  • Supply Chain Logistics & Security Monitoring of Assets.
  • Global Patent on an Electronic Chain-of-Custody process.
  • On Land-On Rail-On Air-On Sea 24×7 Global Monitoring using GPRS-MESH-Iridium Patented Technology.
  • Electronic Bunker Fuel Delivery & Consumption Monitoring;
  • Patented in Container Hazardous Cargo and Contraband Sensing Technology. Multiple Sensors.
  • *Patented MESH Container-to-Container self-healing-hop communication technology.
  • *Possibility to transceiver communication with assets within a Steel Freight Container.
  • *Complete Container Security Device Hardware & Back-Office support software.
  • *Applications in Military/Defence/Explosive status monitoring capability.
  • *HERO+IP68.
  • NOW AVAILABLE! Single Price Global Roaming SIM Card with Iriidium Package
  • Partner with us. …….
  • We seek funding for Productising/Commercilisation.
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