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Win FREE Copy of RATS – Avenge the Revenge – (100 Free Copies to Win)

Posted on: 11/03/2012

WIN FREE Copy of RATS – Avenge the Revenge
1: Name of woman with Putin & Berlusconi
2: Name five Dishes in Menu

RATS – Avenge the Revenge – Stephen Lowe
Win FREE or Get Your Copy: US$5.99

With apologies to Walt Disney.
This is not a Mickey Mouse story.

This is a true story of a Jewish family who escaped the wrath of Nazi Germany, found their way into the war torn England.

When they thought that they had now settled into a quiet peaceful English life in rural countryside, terror strikes.

Future wiped out of the family, the Jewish father instructs the twin sons to avenge the perpetrators.

During a meeting with another Russian Jew, the twins hear of how to motivate Rats to decimate Rats!


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