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Asia’s Tiger Tycoons – Seek Green Pastures, Personal Safety & Political Stability in Finland

Posted on: 20/06/2012

Political Upheaval in the Middle East, possible Regime Change in Iran, Syria, unrest in Egypt, Mushroom Clouds in China force the New Rich in China, Vietnam, Iran to consider Investment & Residential options in Safety in Finland!

Chinese wealthy & rich are flooding USA with their children for education, funded by multimillion dollar investment programmes into USA.

However, recent acts of racist violence against Chinese, Iranians have created cause for concern on personal safety of the Orientals and dark-skinned Asians.

Immigration Officers at Border Control points in USA have particularly targeted Middle Eastern citizens with Islamic sounding names.

In many instances, innocent Chinese have received the rough end of justice by the Law Enforcement Officers, simply because of the Oriental features.

Especially in several countries in Europe, such as Italy & in France, the rise in criminal racist acts have given cause for concern to those who seek Safety and Security, for themselves in general and for their children in particular.

Finland Stands Out. Triple AAA Ranks High!
One country which has demonstrated Fair Equality in their treatment of non-European Immigrants, is Finland.

Finland being one of the few European Union (EU) countries displaying tremendous Stability, Safety, Security, with its 5.6 million population, has an open policy towards Foreign Investment in both Monetary & Intellectual Assets.

Furthermore, the educational system in Finland ranks high in global stakes, making Finland a current show-case to many intellectuals.

The top schools in Finland where several have the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, ranks within Top Five globally, where generally Shanghai shines as a classic example.

Many IB students graduating from Finland enter the top Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Harvard, with ease, and some gain full scholarships.

Invest in the Next Generation
Most Chinese predominantly observe that the Next Generation deserves priority and tend to select the main countries such as USA, Canada, UK, but now the trend is moving towards Scandinavia and Finland, for obvious reasons.

Iran Singled Out
Under pressure from USA, in order to apply political pressure on Iran Regime, many countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Sweden have started a “silent” boycott of Iranian Investors.

The free-flow of funds to Dubai in UAE, Cyprus, may face political clouds with the results of the “Arab Spring”, which makes Finland a Safe & Secure home to provide several key benefits.

Invest in Finland-Sweden – Safe – Secure – Stable – Clean Environment.
Return on Investment (RoI) – maximum 3 years.

We sponsor-:
*Permanent Residence Permit application for European Union
*Work Permit in European Union (EU)
*Multiple-entry Schengen (EU) Visa
*Education opportunities for Children
*Accommodation – Rent or Purchase apartment
*Opportunities to extend business in Europe & USA.

Ideal for Children Education in Helsinki International Schools.
Possible entry into Colleges in USA & UK.

Excellent Business Opportunities in Europe.
Set-up your Subsidiary for EU & USA In Finland.
Many options on Investment in Technology & Sciences
Partner with Finland Technical Centres in R & D
Opportunities in European Union, Russia, USA.
-Students – Entry into Best Schools in Finland, Student Visa, Opportunities to Enter USA, UK Universities & Scholarships.
-Invest in Real Estate – Residential, Commercial, Offices, Medicare, Technology.

What We Need?
-Banking References
-Character References
-Academic References
-Clarity in Your Objectives

We may Arrange -;
-Legal Services
-Company Formation
-Healthcare & Personal Insurance

How to Apply-;
Stephen Lowe – CEO
Traxer Ltd
P.O.Box 16
FIN-01660 Vantaa Finland
Mobile: +358-40-770-1234
Email: stephen.lowe (at)

NOTE: African Spam/Scam letters are traced, tracked and referred to Interpol.

— end —


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