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Iranian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan Investors Invited to Sponsor Scholarships to Graduate Nurses & Doctors to Qualify for European Nursing Degree and receive European Union Permanent Residence.

Posted on: 30/06/2012

Serendib Medicare Training Institute & Health Spa – Finland for Eldercare – Invites Iranian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan Investors to Sponsor Fifty (50) Scholarships/year, for their own Country Students.

Fifty Graduate Nurses & Doctors from China, Vietnam, Iran, Sri Lanka Invited to Apply for Full Two-year Scholarships in European Nursing Degree in Gerontology & Geriatrics. Totally Free to receive a Higher European Degree.

Multi-faceted programme to attract Investors from China, Vietnam, Iran, Sri Lanka, to promote education on Eldercare, to train Graduates from China, Vietnam, Iran, Sri Lanka, in Finland, as On-the-Job Training post-graduates, whilst serving in modern Serendib Medicare Training Institute & Health Spa – Finland.

Israel Threatens Iran. Syria Attacks Turkish Fighter Jet. Egypt in Turmoil with Muslim Brotherhood in Leadership. China Under USA Pressure. Rich Chinese Moving in-Panic to USA, creates Racism. Many countries Block Iran investment. What’s Your Next Move?

We invite US$ 12 million (Donations / Equity Funding) CrowdSourcing & CrowdFunding for Eldercare Investment project in Finland, offering a European Medicare Training Scholarships to Graduate Students from China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam.

Finland offers Stability, Safety & Security!
*Personal Safety
*Financial Stability & Good Governance.
*Corruption Free
*European Union – Schengen privileges
*Close to Moscow & St. Petersburg Russia
*Direct & Shortest Flight Routes to China, Japan, Singapore
*Easy access Hub to European Cities
*Highest quality Healthcare Technology

We offer investors-;
*Shareholding in a New Joint Stock Company registered in Finland.
*Equity in Real Estate with Medicare Training Institute. RoI 30-40%/annum. Appreciating Real Estate values.
*Resident & Work Permits in European Union Schengen country offered.
*Investors family may receive College Education Free.
*Better opportunities to enter Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard universities.

We sponsor-:
*Permanent Residence Permit application for European Union
*Work Permit in European Union (EU)
*Multiple-entry Schengen (EU) Visa
*Education opportunities for Children & High School Academics
*Accommodation – Rent or Purchase apartment
*Opportunities to extend business in Europe & USA.

Ideal for Children Education in Helsinki International Schools.
Possible entry into Colleges in USA & UK.

Excellent Business Opportunities in Europe.
*Set-up your Subsidiary for EU & USA In Finland.
*Many options on Investment in Technology & Sciences
*Partner with Finland Technical Centres in R & D
*Business Opportunities in European Union, Russia, USA.
*Vast number of Competent, Highly Educated, Motivated, Experienced Workforce.
*Students – Entry into Best Schools in Finland, Student Visa, Opportunities to Enter USA, UK Universities & Scholarships.
*Invest in Real Estate – Residential, Commercial, Offices, Medicare, Technology.

What We Need?
*-Banking References
*-Character References
*-Academic References
*-Clarity in Your Objectives

We may Arrange -;
*-Legal Services
*-Company Formation
*-Banking facilities
*-Healthcare & Personal Insurance

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Nurses with Diploma / University Graduate Students & Doctors
from China, Vietnam, Iran, Sri Lanka with-;
*Willing to enter into two (2) year Agreement with Medicare Institute
*Proficiency in English
*Willing to learn Finnish / Swedish
*On-the-Job-Training attending to Eldercare – 40 hour week
*Academic studies On-site & in Institutions – 24-30 hour week
*Willingness to sit for Post Graduate European Degree in Medicare

About Serendib Medicare Training Institute & Health Spa – Finland
*New State-of-the-Art construction in Finland countryside, on the banks of a large Lake Hiidenvesi leading to Baltic Sea.
*Education in Finland is recognized as one of the highest quality Globally.
*Finland offers-; Safety – Security – Stability – Clean Pollution Free Environment for Elders, Adults, Children.
*Finland offers-; Open policy towards Foreign Investment in both Monetary & Intellectual Assets.
*Finland offers-; International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, ranks within Top Five Schools globally
*Offer Short-term Holiday Care or Long-term Medicare Hospitality.
*Golf, Boating, Horse-riding, Hiking, Skiing, Water-sport, Fishing, Tai-Chi Chinese Exercise, Massage Therapy, Meditations

More details & How to Apply-;
Stephen Lowe – CEO
Traxer Ltd
P.O.Box 16
FIN-01660 Vantaa Finland
Mobile: +358-40-770-1234

NOTE: African Spam/Scam letters (Zero Tolerated) are Traced, Tracked, IP Address identified and referred to Interpol, FBI & Scotland Yard.



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