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New Employment Creation Finland through R&D: Product Development + Education.

Posted on: 16/08/2015

Invitation to Join

VentureSalo High-Tech TreadMill©

To Expand the HighTech IQ & Global Network

Open Invitation to Join Top Innovative Technologists in Finland, and to meet with Senior Professors from Universities in Finland, Scientists from Germany, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Sweden,  United Kingdom, USA  on evaluating Project Concepts for Commercialisation.

VentureSalo High-Tech TreadMill is dedicated to Develop Innovative Information & Communications Radio Technology for Patenting & Commercialisation, of defined concepts.

Powered by Microsoft & Nokia Technologists, VentureSalo technologists invite English speaking, High Tech  Post Graduates from European Union – China – India – Korea – Myanmar – Singapore – USA – Vietnam, to participate in Brain Storming WorkShops on Technology Developments.

Admission is Limited to 100 participants per programme, on a nominal monthly fee to include accommodation + meals.

TreadMill is Operational 7 days/week – 0600 – 2100

Free Beverages – Free Lunch – Free Local Transport

Free Airport Shuttle. Cross-cultural activity.

Student Visa (3 months) arranged upon Registration.

The average High-Tech TreadMill is three (3) months.

Extensions are subject to negotiations.

For further details, please contact-;

Stephen Lowe – CEO

Traxer Ltd

Mob: +358 40 770 1234

Mob: +358 40 770 2345



SKYPE: cargotraxsingapore



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