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USA-Indian Group Offers LifeLine to 100 Finland TechnoPreneurs – Phase One.

HighTechNet with a Human Touch

American-Indian Venture Offers LifeLine to ex-MicroSoft-Nokia ICT-Wireless Technologists for Defined Applications.

American company with Indian Technology  currently operating successfully in USA markets, seeks opportunity to engage ex-Nokia-Microsoft ICT Wireless technicians from


With the collapse of Real Estate market, and the Internet Electronic Media “Burning Platform” destroying printed media, thus “Green Gold” of Finland, the Main Asset remaining in Finland, the HR-IP in ICT, is highly valued by Foreign Investors.  

The “Real Gold” value is in the Redundant Nokia-Microsoft Intellectual Property now recognized by American-Indian Joint Venture  expressing an interest to kick-start Innovative Applications & Utilize the Resources on Mobility and Grid Automation Processes, within defined markets.

Possible Re-location with Lucrative Remuneration Options to Launch the Next Generation of Successful TechnoPreneurs!

Re-location Options:

Denmark – Ireland – Estonia – SiliconValley USA

Media advertising in local print media in  Helsinki – Salo – Tampere – Turku – Oulu Sunday Newspapers, and Kauppalehti, inviting 100 Top Tier ICT – Wireless Technologists, shall appear soonest.

More details in Confidence, please email your CV-Resumé to-;

Please use EuroPass Curriculum Vitaé:

Every Application will Receive Personal Response!

Please CONNECT.  Next Update… Breaking NEWS!

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