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  • Stand Alone Wireless Real Time Duplex Telecommunications

    The world has a question about these 300+ millions of moving Cargo Container boxes. Which one's got the bomb in?

    The Bomb in the Box!


United Technologies to buy GE Securitiy’s security business for $1.82 billion, including Container Security Device (CSD) withdrawn from market in October 2009 bought for severla millions of Euro from Swedish manufacturer in November 2004.

Why did GE Security suddenly withdraw the Container Security Device (CSD) from the market having paid millions Euro in November 2004????

The bomb in the box! TERRORISM AND CONTAINER SHIPPING. 300 milion Container transport is the basis of world trade. Next Terrorist Weapon?

The world has a question about these 300+ millions of moving Container boxes. Which one’s got the bomb in?

One TEU explodes in Asdod Israel.

CargoTraxSingapore has an End-to-End Wireless Real Time Live Tracking Global Supply Chain Chain Security & Logistics Monitoring Solution.

CargoAssetTrax® monitors Cargo inside the Steel Container, On-deck and Below-deck, Anywhere-Anytime,

On road, On sea, On rail.

WANTED-Fuel Oil #6 or Bunker C, 120,000 Bbls x month/12 months

Bunker Fuel-  Bunker C or Fuel Oil # 6.

CargoAssetTrax - Respond Rapide

Payment: Cien por Ciento (100%) Letter of Credit, Confirm, Irrevocable, Documentary after seen POP by Buyer. Inspected: in buyers name by SGS o Seabolt in Port of loading

Buyer in Pacific Central America
Requirement – Fuel Oil #6 or Bunker C, 120,000 Bbls x month (16448 mt)/month for at least 12 month.

Delivery – late this month

Please quote Price delivered to Port.

Delivery El Salvador

Are you able to assist?

Your early considered response should be much appreciated.

Many thanks and Kind regards

Stephen Lowe – CEO
CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #35-11,
International Plaza,
Singapore 079903
GSM-: +65 9025 2345 (Singapore)

P.O.Box 16
FIN-01660 Vantaa, FINLAND
GSM-: +358 (0)40 770 1234
GSM-: +358 (0)40 770 2345

Twitter: cargotraxsingap
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