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Introduction to MESH Patent by Traxer® Ltd CargoAssetTrax®

MESH Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Technology with GSM-GPRS-GPS-WiFi-Iridium-HERO-IP68 Global Logistics Security Monitoring.

Transmissions Anywhere-Anytime on Land-Rail-Sea-Air.

We seek VC for CargoAssetTrax® Unique Wireless Telecommunications Concept.
Patented Wireless Telecommunications Penetrate Metal Cargo Containers.
Need US$ 10million  investment for commercialisation.

MESH Patent Registration Details – Google MESH CargoTrax:
EP 1895456 A1
US 7,529561 B2

Video Clips on Information & Communications Technology:



CargoAssetTrax® Patented solution with Satnav, Satcom, implementation of operational services, European Space Agency (ESA) may Fund & support EU Member States companies.

Unique Patent now For Sale-:

Patent published on Twitter attracted dozens of serious enquiries, funding, partnerships. Offer Patents through CargoAssetTrax®.

CargoAssetTrax® R&D Bunker Fuel Delivery Monitoring & Bunker Fuel Consumption Global Monitoring in Container Vessels offer management total control of Bunker Fuel deliveries and consumption. RoI during 6-8 months.

Jointly CargoAssetTrax® may develop technology with specialists in Finland, Germany and Singapore.

Stephen Lowe – CEO
Traxer Ltd



P.O.Box 16
FIN-01660 Vantaa, FINLAND
GSM-: +358 40 770 1234
GSM-: +358 40 770 2345


US Patent For Sale: Listing available at the following address:

Patent for Sale:
Supply Chain Logistics & Security Monitoring
Real Time GSM-GPRS-GPS-MESH-Satellite transceiver technology. Integrate HERO Certificate  IP 67/68 for Militarty Apps –

Container unit, mesh network, and system reporting container events
The invention enables a reliable end-to-end monitoring system by means of which the location of containers and other conditions related to the containers can be continuously or almost continuously…

Container unit, mesh network, and system reporting container events
The invention enables a reliable end-to-end monitoring system by means of which the location of containers and other conditions related to the containers can be continuously or almost continuously…



TRAXER® 2200 Telematics GSM-GPRS-GPS

Fleet Management AVL Black Box

€€€€ 250-; Free Internet Software Monitoring

+DHL Courier Delivery Customer Pays.

* Car security/tracking
* Parametrized operation
(acquire & send)
* ALARM button (2 inputs)
* Online tracking
* Geo-fence
* Motion sensor
* Low energy consumption in sleep mode

*Track and trace
*Road assistance
*Toll collect
* Insurance
CE certificate
EC type-approval certificate

TRAXER FM2200 Functions
Vehicle location

The system shows the exact location of a vehicle on the map in  real time
(our developers team could integrate TAVL into vector maps with AcitiveX  or .NET components)

Analysis of made routes.
§ Make route report,
§ See exact position of vehicle at any time
§ Detail report of driving route and distance.
§ Possibility to import the location data (route) to ‘Google Earth’
§ Analyze drivers working time.
§ Trip report,
§ Drivers each day working time report,
§ Group of cars working time report
§ Daily reports about travelled distance and used fuel.
§ Average fuel consumption for 100km calculations.
§ Ability to display data received from vehicles CAN-BUS adapter – currently most precise data available in automotive industry.

Working time reports
§ Analyze drivers working time.
§ Trip report,
§ Drivers each day working time report,
§ Group of cars working time report

TRAXER® FM2200 is light terminal with GPS and GSM connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and other data and transfer them via GSM network. This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed. So you can track your remote objects (trucks, cars, ships etc) quickly and easily.

TRAXER® FM2200 can perform tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring engine status, controlling truck’s door and etc.

In case of loosing connection TRAXER® FM2200 can store up to 15000 records, and once the connection is established the device will send stored data via GPRS. So you won’t lose your data (coordinates, sensors data and etc.).

Telematics Fleet Management - Vehicle Tracking System

CargoTrax Singapore Supply Chain Security & Logistics

Container Security Monitoring & Terrorism

CBP makes “limited progress” in the 100% container scanning mandate; not achieved 100% scanning at any participating ports down to about 5%.

Does CBP lack of progress in Container Security Monitoring leave windows of opportunity open to terrorism to target the Global Food Chain?

CargoTraxSingapore on PowerTwitter, CoTweet,
Facebook, Linkedin, Ecademy, Bunkerworld

Total End-to-End Real Time Live Tracking Asset Monitoring Solution On Land, On Sea, On Rail, On Air.

-Visibility Creates Security.

-Visibility Prevents Theft Pilferage.

-Visibility Improves Profitability.

CargoTraxSingapore Creates Visibility!

CargoTrax Singapore CoTweet

Supply Chain Security & Logistics –

Fleet Management, AVL, Container Security, Container Asset Security Monitoring, Ship Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Bunker Fuel Delivery Barges Receipt, Total 24×7 Global Visibility, GSM-GPRS-GPS-MESH-Iridium Satellite Real Time Download to Ground Monitoring.


Supply Chain Security & Logistics

Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics, International Business, Maritime Technology, Maritime Terrorism, Total Visibility, 24x7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication

New Enquiry – WANTED Bunker Fuel Bunker Fuel Oil #6 or Bunker C

280,000 Bbls (38,380mt)x month. Confirmed Irrevocable 100% LC.
Delivery South America Start November 2009.

Component Units of Value Standard
Maximums Measure MAX MIN
Viscosity cSt @ 50°C 380 275 ASTM D-445
Gravedad API a 60°F * 11.3 ASTM D-1298
Density g/ml @ 15°C 0.991 ASTM D-1298
Conradson Carbon Residue % mass 16 ASTM D-189
Sulfur, Dry % mass 2.2 ASTM D-4294
Nitrogen, Dry % mass 0.4 ASTM D-445
Vanadium mg/kg 200 IP-288 IP-377M
Sodium mg/kg 50 IP-288 IP-377M
Ash, Dry % mass 0.07 ASTM D-482
Water % Volume 1 ASTM D-95
Water before engine % Volume 0.3 ASTM D-95
Asphaltenes % mass 12 IP-143
Aluminium + silicom mg/kg 50 IP-337
Potasium K mg/kg 10 Spectrometric Analysis
Calcium Ca mg/kg 28 Spectrometric Analysis
Zinc (Zn) mg/kg 14 Spectrometric Analysis
Phosphorous (P) mg/kg 14 Spectrometric Analysis
Plumbum Pb mg/kg 10 Spectrometric Analysis
Copper Cu mg/kg 10 Spectrometric Analysis
Magnesium Mg mg/kg 10 Spectrometric Analysis
Flash Point, pensky-martens °C 80 ASTM D-93
Pour Point.upper °C 30 ASTM D-97
CCAI number 870 800
Total Sediment Potential % mass 0.07
Sediment By Hot Filtration % mass 0.05 IP-375 / D-4870
Compatibility 1 ASTM D-4740
Lower Heat Value MJ / kg 40.1 ASTM D-445
sodium to vanadium rate 0.25

Stephen Lowe – CEO
CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #35-11,
International Plaza,
Singapore 079903
GSM-: +65 9025 2345  (Singapore)

P.O.Box 16
FIN-01660 Vantaa, FINLAND
GSM-: +358 40 770 1234
GSM-: +358 40 770 2345

Twitter: cargotraxsingap
SKYPE: CargoTraxSingapore
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