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Wanted – Graduated 10 Medical Doctors & 25 Qualified Nurses (Female only).
On-the-Job-Training – (OJT) Finnish Elder Care Spa Resort & Training Institute.

Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean/Burmese Catholic Welcome.

Elder Care previous Imageexperience preferred for Two Year Training for Scandinavian Medical Certification.
Possibilities of Permanent Employment after Graduation in Finland & Sweden.
Age: 25 -30 years
Height: 160cm+
Weight: 40-50 kgs.
Language: English (Basic). Willing to learn Finnish/Swedish.
During two year training – Work in Elder-care Spa Resort to cover cost of training.

We also need: Hotel & Restaurant House-keepers, Cooks, Massage Therapists, Physio-therapists.

View YouTube Video, and Forward to friends & partners.…

Please send Resumé /CV with Photographs by email with scanned copy of passport.

Respond Now!
Stephen Lowe – CEO
Traxer Ltd
P.O.Box 16
FIN-01660 Vantaa Finland
Mobile: +358-40-770-1234



Growth & Franchise Potential. High RoI.

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Wanted Investors  Euro 5 million – Serendib Spa Resort – Finland

Elder Care & Seniors Welfare & Medicare Training Institute

Opportunity to Russian – Chinese – Middle East Investors to obtain European Residence & Work Permit, Education for Children, in Safe, Clean, Secure Finland.

High Growth – High RoI.

Serendib Spa Resort,
for Eldercare Senior Residents & Medicare Training  Institute
Motel & Chinese-European Fusion Cuisine Restaurant.

Set in unspoilt Finnish countryside,
surrounded by Pine Forests,
next to Lakeside, unpolluted Fresh Air,
Peaceful, Quietness, Safe & Secure,
designed to provide-;

-Total care, Comfort, 24×7 Full service,
-To ensure Happy, Contented Lifestyle,
-To Extend an Enjoyable Daily Life.
-To Live Healthy, Happy, Wholesome.ß…

CrowdFund Seniors & Elders.ß

Make your Grandma & Grandpa Smile!…


Two (2) Million Euro for Serendib Spa Resort Finland Eldercare invested through Twitter.

Need Five (5) Million more. Equity in Real Estate Finland. Booming Market Eldercare.

Global Franchise concept.Image

Crowd Funding ElderCare Seniors  Market booming. Elders living longer, richer & better demand more. Invest Now!


SERENDIB SPA RESORT- Invest in Seniors & Eldercare.

Care – Comfort – Cuisine – Convenience – Courtesy – Companionship.
Paradise on Earth for Commercial Investors & Residential Clients.

Invest in Finland. Get EU benefits for your family.Image
Service Industry with High Growth & Return.

For further details-;

Invest Euro 5 million in Serendib Spa Resort Finland.
Serendib Spa Resort Senior Elders Finland offers Time Share Leasing.
Paradise on Earth for Investors & Senior Resident clients.
For further details-;

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