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Fuel Monitoring -Consumption Measurement System for Ships
+ Real Time Visibility and Control
+ Remote Wireless Management Access
+ Interface to Integrated Navigation System
+ Management Information on environmental changes affecting fuel consumption
+ Total Infrastructure package custom built
+ Rapid recovery. ROI through savings
CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #35-11
International Plaza
Singapore 079903
GSM: +65 9025 2345Fuel Monitoring and
Reporting System for Ships
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Specifications are subject to changes due to rapid development of sensor and communication technology

Accurate Stand-Alone Sensors within Reefer Containers Delivers Superior Accuracy on Temperature within Reefer Containers for better protection of Sensitive Cargo.
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Comprehensive 24×7 Duplex Communications Connectivity from Ship-to-Shore Container Cargo Assets Monitoring within Steel Containers above and below Deck.
Description CargoAssetTrax Tracks Assets inside Containers, Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics Total Visibility, 24×7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication
Fixed One Price International Global Roaming SIM Cards Gives Cost Control on Telecommunications International Roaming Costs. Fixed Price SIM Cards. No hidden extras.
Fuel Consumption Monitoring Technology Turn Key Installation on Ships with RoI within 12 months. Prevents Pilferage, Monitors Usage. Real Time monitoring of weather and environmental conditions directly to ground administrative management.
Payment Accepted Cash
Wanted: Partners, Distributors, Investors Rapid Development demands Franchise Partners, Country Distributors, Venture Capital Funds and Investors.

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