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RATS Horror READY For You!

R.A.T.S – Revenge Against Territorial Sequestration .
Are you ready for RATS?
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R.A.T.S Revenge Against Territorial Sequestration by Arab Terrorists.

Published by Amazon – US$5.90

Revenge Against Territorial Sequestration

With apologies to Walt Disney.
This is not a Mickey Mouse story.

This is a true story of a Jewish family who escaped the wrath of Nazi Germany, found their way into the war-torn England.

When they thought that they had now settled into a quiet peaceful English life in rural countryside, terror strikes. Young English racist leather-clad motor-cyclists attack Jews.

Future wiped out of the family, the Jewish father instructs the twin sons to avenge the perpetrators.

During a meeting with another Russian Jew, the twins hear of how to motivate Rats to decimate Rats!

All original names have been changed to maintain anonymity and confidentiality. However names and details of some original locations remain same to maintain a degree of authenticity

This book is dedicated to Israel and to the Israelites the Worldover, suffering from terrorism and to Palestine and to the Palestinians who are seeking thesecurity of their own State. May they both find mutual peace and learn to live alongside.

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