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Fuel Monitoring Platform – Real Time.
One of the main losses in cargo container shipping which may be prevented is the loss of bunker fuel due to lack of Real  Time visibility of fuel consumption. Bad weather, related atmospheric conditions and evaporation due to theft and pilferage, costs ship owners millions of dollars per week.

CargoTrax Singapore has developed a comprehensive Fuel Monitoring platform, which delivers a bank of information on fuel consumption status, dependent on weather and environmental changes, on Real Time, Wireless CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept directly to ship management control on land, via GPRS and Satellite.

In most cases, the RoI of this investment is expected during 6-12 months from installation.

Wireless Duplex Telecom with Container Assets Above/Below Deck.
Furthermore, the latest technology of CargoTrax Singapore, CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept is able to penetrate Wireless Telecommunication data from within a steel cargo container, even when located below deck and establish a Duplex communications network with Ship’s Bridge and Ground Control.

The shippers of Sensitive, HazMat, High Value cargo may have total 24×7 visibility and management control of their assets.

Single Charge Global International Roaming SIM Card.
Intermodal Container traffic utilizing Roaming SIM Cards may incur heavy roaming charges when travelling between several cross boundary routes.

CargoTrax Singapore now offers a Fixed Price, Single Rate, Global International Roaming SIM Card at competitive rates facilitating cost control.

Stand-Alone Reliable Wireless Status Monitoring Alternative of Assets within Reefer containers.
As an independent stand-alone technology, CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide may be a viable parallel independent alternative especially for Reefer containers, to provide the accuracy and reliability of the Wireless Technology against the current information conducted over power-line transmissions.  It is a known fact that the mechanical functional fluctuations and failures of the power-line tend to cause disruptions, which affect the quality of the assets within Reefers.

About CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd (CTS)

CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd (CTS) offers a comprehensive operational Global tumkey security monitoring solution in Container and Asset Security, to satisfy demands of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs & Border Protection (CBP) of the United States of America as well as several industry specific demands.

The IP 67 standard hardware solutions consist of the a MESH Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) with optional integration of GSM-GPRS-GPS-RFID, Satellite and multiple sensors, capable of delivering a seamless communications stream from inside a steel container, then transmit out, create a Wireless Network below-deck and on-deck, transmit further on to the Server-on-the-Bridge.

The data packets collected are transmitted via satellite to multiple monitoring service stations operational on-ground via Internet, GPRS and SMS, delivering a near Real Time end-to-end solution.

CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept shall offer a fully integrated IP 67 hardware solution complete with back-office software platform on a full service rental.

CargoAssetTrax® Résponse Rapide concept may be equally deployed on both Reefer and Dry Containers to deliver an independent stand-alone reliable wireless communications as an alternative to potential alleged inaccuracies in mechanical power-line communications.

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Fuel Monitoring -Consumption Measurement System for Ships
+ Real Time Visibility and Control
+ Remote Wireless Management Access
+ Interface to Integrated Navigation System
+ Management Information on environmental changes affecting fuel consumption
+ Total Infrastructure package custom built
+ Rapid recovery. ROI through savings
CargoTrax Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #35-11
International Plaza
Singapore 079903
GSM: +65 9025 2345
Fuel Monitoring and
Reporting System for Ships
Copyrights©CargoTrax Singapore
Specifications are subject to changes due to rapid development of sensor
and communication technology.

Wanted Country Distributor for Fleet Management Telematics Automatic Vehicle Logistics. European Hardware & Back Office Support Software. Contact-;

CargoAssetTrax® - Tracks Assets inside ContainersTwitter promotes CargoTraxSingapore

CargoAssetTrax® – Tracks Assets inside Containers,
Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics

Total Visibility,24×7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication with Container Assets Below Deck. Container Cargo.

Fixed (One) Price Global International Roaming SIM Card – For Multi-national Telematics Fleet Management, Cross-border container transport.

Can Loss of Bunker Fuel through theft and pilferage costing millions of dollars to ship owners be prevented? Interested? Talk to us now!

Control Your Telecommunications Costs.

Multi-national Telematics Fleet Management, Cross-border container transport, can now have Fixed Price Global International Roaming SIM Card, from Euro 15.00/month to include 5MB GPRS traffic.

SMS and Voice available at additional cost.

Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics
Total Visibility,24×7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication with Container Assets Below Deck.


Only 5% of cargo containers entering U.S. ports are inspected.  Unfortunately, a 5% guarantee isn’t comforting, especially with the realization of what might be “hidden” in the remaining 95% of the uninspected cargo containers?,_Maritime.html

Unsecured Food Containers in-Transit may be Compromised by Al Qaeda

How secure is your food chain? Can your food chain be poisoned on its way by container?

How many persons may be poisoned by compromising a 40′ container of frozen Halal meat from Australia to Middle East with cyanide insertion?

Do you feel secure on consuming food products arriving in unguarded, unchecked, food containers from Bangladesh, ANZ to European countries?

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