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Fuel Monitoring -Consumption Measurement System for Ships
+ Real Time Visibility and Control
+ Remote Wireless Management Access
+ Interface to Integrated Navigation System
+ Management Information on environmental changes affecting fuel consumption
+ Total Infrastructure package custom built
+ Rapid recovery. ROI through savings
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International Plaza
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Fuel Monitoring and
Reporting System for Ships
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Specifications are subject to changes due to rapid development of sensor
and communication technology.


Control Your Telecommunications Costs.

Multi-national Telematics Fleet Management, Cross-border container transport, can now have Fixed Price Global International Roaming SIM Card, from Euro 15.00/month to include 5MB GPRS traffic.

SMS and Voice available at additional cost.

Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics
Total Visibility,24×7 Near Real Time, On Land-On Sea-On Rail, Duplex Communication with Container Assets Below Deck.

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